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Meadow Gate, Springhead
Plot 1 Sold - Aug 2012

Plot 2 Sold - Nov 2012





Range Cottage
11 Delph Road, Denshaw, OL3 5RY
(Two bedrooms – Sold Oct 2010)





Range House
9 Delph Road, Denshaw OL3 5RY
(Three bedrooms –
Sold Oct 2010)





The Studio, Waderow, Uppermill, Oldham.
Renovation of old outbuildings to create a picturesque studio property with adjacing land, build of dry stone walling and creation of new road surface. Commenced early 2005 - completed by December 2005.


Cedar Works, Ryeburne Street, Oldham.
Project started spring 2004. Refurbishment of units 2 and 3 with extension and steel frame building open to front. Completed mid 2005.